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 How to recover a GP or PanelStation (QuickPanel) from an aborted download.
An interrupted or bad download to a GP or PanelStation (Quickpanel) can leave the unit unusable and unable to be reprogrammed. This is because these panels contain a bootstrap loader and only get half a download. Before returning the unit to the factory for re-flashing, please try the following:
The trick is to get into the unit immediately after power up.
1. Connect the download cable to the PC and GP (PanelStation) but leave the GP (PanelStation) switched OFF. THIS IS CRUCIAL.
2. Start a normal download following one of these instructions:
     a. If using GP-Pro PB/III, make sure the transfer settings are set to "Force System Setup" and that "GP System Screen" is checked.
     b. If using Quickdesigner, once the COURIER dialog box opens, check "Update Display Device Executable".
3. Both GP-Pro and QD should recognize that the unit is not powered and prompt you to turn it ON.
4. Apply power to the unit. Either software package will usually pick up and start to transfer.
5. If it doesn't work the first time, try a couple more times following the above proceedure. If after three or four tries it doesn't work, then the unit will need to be sent back to the factory for re-flashing.
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