Archived Updates

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2/8 [Download]
The following update has been released:
- SP5000 System Update for BLUE Open Studio
2/4 [Download]
The following software has been updated/released:
- BLUE Open Studio Ver.
- Thin Client Setup for BOS Ver.
- BI Dashboard Template
- OFS (OPC Factory Server)

The following BLUE Open Studio manuals have been released or updated:
- Quick Start Guide
- Technical Reference Manual
- Import Tool for PanelBuilder Users Guide
- Import Tool for PanelMate Users Guide
- XVGU Communication Driver
- BI Dashboard Template Engineer Guide
- BI Dashboard Template User Guide

2/1 [Download]
The following driver has been updated:
- ODVA EtherNet/IP Explicit Messaging Driver
1/30 [Download]
The following software module has been updated:
- Multi-Converter for FANUC CNC Update Module
1/10 [Download]
The following manuals have been updated:
- PS5000 Series Modular Type Hardware Manuals